Friday, September 18, 2009

Info. on Swine Flu Shot & Shaklee Prevention!

Hello all! I wanted to pass along this information I received from Dr. Chaney who also happens to be a Shaklee Master Coordinator. Feel free to pass along! Using Vitalizer, NutriFeron and Defend & Resist will be powerful tools this coming flu season! I PLAN TOO! I’ve never had a flu shot and I don’t plan to change my ways. My son is one of the healthiest in his preschool, his teachers have even commented on this. Can you say Shaklee? I have links available for the three products I take on a daily basis to keep my immune system in top shape!

From Dr. Chaney ~

The swine flu vaccine will be available soon and many of you are asking me three questions:

Is it safe? Is it effective? Should I get swine flu shots?

There is a lot of hype on both sides of the issue, so let me give you some straight talk about safety and effectiveness so that you can use to make up your own mind about whether you want to get a swine flu shot.

Let's talk about safety first.

You may have heard reports that both the British Health Protection Agency and the US Centers For Disease control have sent out letters to neurologists in Britain and the US asking them to look out for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillian-Barre Syndrome - and to notify their respective governments of all cases of this disease that they diagnose in patients that have received the swine flu shot.

Just in case you are not intimately acquainted with Guillian-Barre Syndrome, it is a disease that attacks the lining of the nerves, leaving them unable to transmit signals to the muscles. This can cause partial paralysis and, if it affects the lungs, can be fatal.

Now that sounds downright scary. But let me tell you the rest of the story.

The concern of the British and US governments is based solely on the fact that a similar swine flu vaccine killed more people than it helped in the US in 1976.

Shortly after swine flu vaccinations started in 1976 people started coming down with Guillian-Barre Syndrome. By the time vaccinations were halted 10 weeks later, 500 people had developed the disease and 25 people had died - more than were killed by the virus itself.

It was estimated that one in 80,000 people who were given that swine flu shot developed Guillian-Barre Syndrome, compared to the one in a million who develop the disease when given most seasonal flu shots.

However, I want to emphasize that there is no direct evidence that the current swine flu shot increases the risk of Guillian-Barre Syndrome more than the regular seasonal flu shots. The British and U.S. governments simply view their warning letters to neurologists as a reasonable precaution under the circumstances.

In short, the risk of developing Guillian-Barre Syndrome or some other serious complication (miscarriages and sudden death are the other complications of most flu vaccines) from the swine flu shot is probably very, very small. It may be no greater than the one in a million chance of developing the disease that is associated with most flu vaccines – but it is not zero.

Now let's turn to the issue of effectiveness. There are several things that you should know about the effectiveness of the swine flu shot.

In the first place, there has been an active debate in the scientific community as to whether one shot or two shots will be required to give adequate protection against the swine flu.

Some scientists still think that two shots would be the better option. However, stocks of swine flu vaccine are limited so the recommendation is probably going to be for one shot so that as many people can be immunized as possible.

Secondly, you should know that the swine flu vaccine offers no protection against the seasonal flu and vice versa. Since both strains of flu will be around this fall & winter you need to be vaccinated against both if you really want to avoid the flu.

Finally, there is an interesting age distribution in regard to the susceptibility to the swine flu. It turns out that it is the young people who are most susceptible to the swine flu.

Those of us who are over 50 were apparently exposed to something similar to the current swine flu virus in the past, so we have some residual immunity.

That's important because it turns out that the swine flu virus is no more deadly than the usual seasonal flu virus. What that means is that the age group that is most susceptible to the swine flu is also the age group for which the swine flu is most likely to be merely a 3 to 5 day inconvenience.

The bottom line is that most immunizations make great sense from a public health perspective and for high risk individuals, which is why they are so strongly supported by the medical community.

However, for healthy individuals with strong immune systems and no pre-existing diseases the risk-benefit ratios are a not so clear cut. Sometimes the risks can outweigh the benefits.

That brings me to the last question - should you get a swine flu shot?

If you are a healthy individual that is a very personal decision, and I won't presume to make it for you. I've just given you some facts that you may not have known about to ponder as you make that decision.

For people who are at risk for developing severe complications from the swine flu itself (young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with compromised immune systems, and people with pre-existing diseases like diabetes) this is a decision that you should make in consultation with your physician.

To your health!

Dr. Stephen Chaney, PhD

P. S. I have personally never taken a flu shot. I prefer to use a holistic approach, including the Shaklee supplements, to strengthen my immune system.


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Have a Shaklee day!

Kristin Grayner
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Shaklee Get Clean Household cleaners are being used in The White House and Vice resident’s residence…result of the unrelenting "don’t take no for an answer" persistence of Sloan Barnett, wife of Shaklee owner, Roger Barnett. The change-over took place late Fall 2008, before the resident transition.

Sloan shared at the recent Shaklee Global Conference the twists and turns it took to even get an audience to show the housekeeping staffs what the products would do and NOT do, like pollute the indoor environment as well as the “down the drain” environment.


You would have to spend $3,400 in grocery store cleaning supplies to equal the cleaning power in just $169 (shipping/tax not included) with the Get Clean Starter Kit. Not only the cost, but the stuff works! I’ve been cleaning with Shaklee products for 10 years in my own home and my Parents have for 44 years.

Shaklee has been doing this since 1960, so they know what it takes to make products that are non-toxic AND do the job you buy it for in the first place. So whether YOUR HOUSE is white, blue, brown, or yellow, give Get Clean a try! Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Realtor/Mortgage Broker Referral ~ Friend of Mine!

Greetings! This is not something I do often, but when I run across something truly fantastic I want to share with the people I'm close to, especially when it is a large transaction like buying selling or financing a home.

In short, my friend, Jackie, is an absolutely wonderful realtor and mortgage broker. We have been friends for 20 plus years and I have always referred her business when I thought about it. But it just isn’t one of those things I think about on a regular basis.

Jackie and I sat down the other day for lunch and discussed how her business is truly different from other realtors and mortgage brokers. I realized that if I don’t let each of you know how awesome Jackie really is, you are at risk to poor lending and real estate practices by not working with someone to whom you are referred and from my perspective really is exceptional.

If you’re in the Denver Metro area and all of Colorado, Jackie is the best realtor and mortgage broker around! Here's her information if and when you or someone you know needs help!

Jackie Farrell
Broker Associate
Colorado Home Realty
Direct: 303.875.8060
Office: 720.981.4109

Parker, CO

Would you pay $300 million for a business?

Of course not, but that's what Shaklee's CEO Roger Barnett spent to purchase Shaklee back in 2004. Plus, he spent $20 million of his own money, over 5 years, to find a business that met the top qualities of a company that is doing good for it's consumers and doing well as a business. He found Shaklee which hit every single mark as a company with values, integrity and was a pioneer in so many categories.

- In 1915, Dr. Shaklee created one of the first multivitamin-multimineral supplements ever developed.
- In 1960, created one of the 1st biodegradable/non-toxic cleaners.
- In 1961, created one of the first soy protein isolate formulas.
- In 2000, was awarded by the U.S. Government as the first Climate Neutral company. They off-set the carbon emissions they produce to have a zero impact on the Earth. Leaving an invisible footmark on the planet.

Plus he wanted to purchase a company that was #1. Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. His message today is 'Living in the land of And' can do good work that makes a difference in the world and you can do well financially. So why not live in the land of And?

So $300 million huh? Why not start a business for around $350? That's all you need to start off with an international Shaklee business. Products to field test, business in a box, 3 months of a Shaklee website, instant bonus potential and so much more. Now you can just join as a member for $19.95 and reap the benefits of this wonderful company of 50 plus years. Plus, members can start their own business as well.

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Yours in health,

Kristin Grayner
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Over 53 years of unprecedented Integrity!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anti-Aging, It's Not Just for Baby Boomers Anymore!!!

Paul Zane Pilzer, the best-selling personal finance author, has said anti-aging products will drive the wellness industry to $1 trillion by the year 2010 ~ holy cow!!!

There's a growing trend of those in their 20's taking notice of anti-aging and already doing something about it. Where does Shaklee fit into this growing trend....with VIVIX!

Vivix is a cellular anti-aging tonic and it's celebrating it's 1st birthday. This past year alone, Vivix has become Shaklee's #1 selling product in the past 20 years, with 11 million servings sold in it's first year alone!!!! One serving of Vivix (teaspoon) delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wince, and a 30-day supply of Vivix delivers the equivalent amount found in 3,000 glasses of red wine!

To learn more about this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING product, feel free to visit my website at

Here's to your health and to feeling 25 years younger!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Start Setting No-Goals Today...See Amazing Results Tomorrow!

It's 11:35 a .m. on Monday and Christine is smiling. Having completed her second meeting of the day, she finds herself two-for-two; two appointments, two sales! As she strides toward her car, having hit her goal for the day, she dials her cell phone to reserve a 1:00 p.m. appointment at the spa for an unexpected but well-deserved pedicure.

And in the blink of an eye, a great day begins to take a quick slide toward an average one, all because Christine started her process by setting the wrong goals.

The Problem with Traditional Goal Setting

Everyone knows the importance of setting goals. The problem is in the type of goals people set.

Many direct sales and network marketing professionals operate with what are commonly called, "Yes-Goals"... number-specific goals for the amount of times prospects say, "yes." This approach - while it's the one we've all been taught to use and follow - is significantly flawed for one main reason. Once we achieve the objective, we tend to divert our attention to other tasks or reward ourselves for our success. And how do we reward ourselves; by slowing down, taking a day off, shopping or catching up on paperwork.

There is a better approach that can dramatically increase the performance of anyone who employs it; that approach is to:

Stop setting Yes-Goals and start setting No-Goals

In other words, stop setting goals for the number of sales you intend to close or dollars you want to generate, and start setting goals for the specific number of prospects who say "no" to you. Operate with a failure quota rather than a success quota. Admittedly, the process of setting No-Goals requires a radical change in thinking. While the concept can be difficult to embrace initially, the results can be immediate and dramatic.

The Inherent Pitfall with Performance Quotas

You need only to look up the word "quota" in the dictionary to see the problem. "Quota" is defined as "a proportional share" which makes sense; everyone should be responsible for his or her proportional share. However, the definition goes on to say, "the highest number or proportion."

Therein lies the problem. Most people treat their quota (or goal) as a shut-down mechanism - the ceiling of their performance - rather than the floor it is intended to be. That's the insidious thing about quotas; they often end up limiting sales rather than propelling sales upward. Maybe the worst part of Christine's example is she's just ended what is commonly referred to as a hot streak!

So how does setting No-Goals make a difference? Again, let's take Christine's situation and see how No-Goals would have changed the outcome.

What Christine Should Have Done

With a two-for-two start, the first thing Christine should have done is take advantage of her momentum! After all, when you're hot, you're hot! And the last thing you should do in the midst of a hot streak is slow down, or even worse, stop! Having set clearly established No-Goals would have helped Christine avoid this.

Instead of starting with a two-sale goal for the day, Christine would have set the No-Goal of gathering twelve rejections. After going two-for-two, Christine would have found herself saying, "Wow! Monday is half over and I haven't gotten a single No yet! I've got to step up the number of calls and meetings if I'm going to get to twelve for the day!"

If this were the case - whereas before Christine's success would have led to a decreased number of calls for the week - the same success will now lead to an increased number of calls. Chances are good Christine will obliterate her quota for the week, and if she keeps it up, for the month, quarter and the year as well! That's the power of setting No-Goals!

The Great Irony of Business and Life

This points to one of the great ironies in business (and life): having too great of an emphasis on achieving success can lead to failure, while placing a greater emphasis on increasing your failure can often lead to massive success! Success can often become our greatest enemy, for with success comes complacency. As Ben Franklin said, "Success has ruined many a man!"

Is this to suggest that you should ditch your success quotas entirely? Perhaps. In fact, there are many top professionals who never set traditional "yes" goals, opting instead to focus solely on the behaviors needed to generate results. They understand that the act of setting Yes-Goals and/or quotas of any kind may - consciously or unconsciously - become a self-fulfilling prophecy, placing artificial limits on their income and their performance.

When you shift your focus to achieving your No-Goals, the results - the yeses - will come. They always do!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

But I could never sell - By Bob Burg

As I took my seat in the crowded airplane, the woman in the next seat over smiled. "Headed home?" she asked.

I nodded. "Jupiter, Florida."

"My, you're a long way from home!" she exclaimed. We were on the tarmac in Regina, Saskatchewan. "What brought you to Regina?"

I told her I had been conducting a seminar for a direct selling organization. She wrinkled her nose. "Oh," she pronounced, "I could never sell."

This wasn't the first time I'd heard this. In fact, most people not actually in sales seem to feel this way. I asked her, if she didn't mind, how would she define "selling"? I was curious as to what it was she felt she could never do.

She frowned in thought. "I don't know," she said after a moment. "I guess, maybe, 'pushing things on other people.' "

"Ah. Well in that case, I wouldn't be very good at it either," I replied. "I don't really like it when people do that to me. Do you?"

"Not at all," she answered promptly.

"Do you buy from those people?"

"No way!" she said.

"Me neither." We both smiled. After a moment, I went on. "But what if," I paused and thought for a moment, "what if we defined selling as 'Helping someone get something they want or need?' What if we defined it as adding value to someone's life? Did you know that the original Old English word sellan meant to give?"

She shook her head.

"I didn't either, but I looked it up. Amazing, isn't it?"

She nodded.

"What if we saw selling that way, as giving — as sharing the benefits of a product that we ourselves love, and helping others get those same benefits? If we saw it that way, do you think you'd feel it was something you might be able to do?"

"If I really believed in it myself?" she said. "Well . . . definitely!"

"So, maybe it isn't that you could never sell," I suggested, "just that you'd really need to feel you were helping someone, adding value to their life, giving value and sharing the benefits of something that you yourself truly believed in."

"Yes" she replied excitedly. "That, I could definitely do."

"Me too!" I replied. "I think just about everyone could. And that's exactly what I was just teaching at the sales conference. That's the essence of selling."

At the end of the flight I introduced her to one of the women from the direct selling conference where I'd spoken who happened to be on the flight. As I rushed to my next gate, I left the two of them in animated conversation about the possibilities in store for this young woman in the exciting field of direct selling.

The day after arriving home, I had another exchange about selling. At a local lunch place I often frequent, I passed by Bill, an architect and genuinely nice guy whom I see there often, and with whom I typically share cordial "How are you?" type greetings. Bill commented that he hadn't seen me for a week. "On another speaking trip?" he surmised. Yes, I told him, I had been. "You look happy — bet you sold a lot while you were gone!" he said with a twinkle in his eye. I laughed and said, "Of course, of course." He shook his head and said benignly, "Sales . . . the necessary evil of business, right?"

I could have launched into the same sort of explanation I'd shared with the woman on the plane, but Bill and I were just passing each other in a restaurant line. It was neither the time nor place to launch into an explanation of the benevolent nobility of the selling profession. Another time . . .

Still, it's a shame. The necessary evil of business . . . There are people who see it this way. Personally, I think of selling as the most positive aspect of business.

We all have products and services that enrich our lives, that we need, want and even love. The fact is, we love to buy and we love to own — and it often takes a sales person to educate us and help us connect our needs and desires with the benefits that those products and services provide our lives. This not only benefits us personally, it also provides the basis for a vibrant and growing free market economy.

Selling is giving— giving time, education, advice, counsel, value — and the more you give, the more you get.

Knowing that, how could anyone not sell . . . and not be proud to do so?

Friday, November 07, 2008

One Stop Shopping for Natural Products

With the Shaklee, #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S.!

Where else can you find products that help you feel 25 years younger, balanced nutritionally, lose weight and keep it off, clean with non-toxic cleaners, feed your skin with vitamins, drink quality water, breathe clean air and build your own home-based business?

Shaklee has invested over $250 million in product research and development, and clinical trials. Each year, approximately 83,000 laboratory assurance tests are performed on their nutritional products and their ingredients alone!

If you would like to learn more about any of the before mentioned items, please contact me at 303-514-5443 or Feel free to check out my website at and discover this exciting company for yourself. Over 52 years of unprecedented integrity!

Have a Shaklee day!
Kristin Grayner

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